Home Owners

Transform your home with Demilec spray foam insulation. Reduce your energy costs. Increase the comfort. Keep noise levels quiet.

Demilec products come with the expertise we’ve built since we started innovating in 1986.

Up to 50%

Reduction in heating and cooling costs per year*

Need help installing spray foam?

Benefit from Demilec's highly qualified contractor network, who help choose the best product, and have support from Demilec experts.

Benefits of spray foam

Our products beat fibreglass insulation in every way. When fibreglass sags, spray foam keeps on performing - which is why we're happy to offer a limited lifetime warranty.

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    Cut energy costs

    Warmer in winter, cooler in summer

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    A comfortable home

    Even temperatures from room to room

  • dust icon

    Dust and air pollution

    Minimise pollutants and allergens from entering the home 

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    Air-Tight Seal

    Eliminate cracks, gaps and voids

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    Quieter living space

    Protection from outside noise

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    Lowers your carbon footprint

Safeguarding Health

Demilec spray foam can safeguard your family's health, protecting your loved ones from unwanted noise and the dangers of radon gas.

Air Leakage

Prevent air from leaking out of your home to reduce your heating and cooling cost. Improve the comfort of your home, and the overall indoor environment. 

Spray foam insulation can be applied throughout your home. Attics, crawl spaces, basements, ceilings, exterior foundations as well as interior and exterior walls. 


Radon gas is an invisible killer. In the UK, it causes more deaths than drink driving and accidents at work combined.

Demilec closed cell foam is resistant to radon gas. Offering perfect air-tightness under the foundation slab. It's also insulating. Applied to at least 32mm, it meets all insulation, air-tightness and vapour barrier requirements. In fact, at 32mm it's 11 times more efficient than a 6mm polyethylene membrane. 

The perfect continuity of Demilec closed cell foam seals the foundation wall joint to the foundation, leaving no seams. No sealant, tape, or cutting material is required. 

Home Comfort

Outdoor noise, allergens, pollutants and inconsistent temperatures are all contributing factors to an uncomfortable home.

By installing spray foam insulation, you can reduce outdoor noise and help to minimize dust or allergens from entering the home. By reducing air leakage, spray foam also keeps an even temperature throughout the home - and can also contribute to reduced heating and cooling bills.

Not only can spray foam help inside the home, but it can improve the structural strength and create a barrier against floods. 

Why Spray Foam?

Eco-friendly, innovative and with exceptional energy savings, spray foam offers enduring advantages over fibreglass


Every Demilec product is developed and created using renewable and recycled materials. In 2019 recycled our 600 millionth plastic bottle.

We minimise the environmental, health, and safety impacts at every stage of a product’s life cycle. To do this, we actively assess our products – from sourcing raw materials, through manufacture and use, to disposal.