Demilec delivers quality and efficiency where you need it most: on the job site. Our insulation products are the best in the industry with the highest quality providing 10% higher yield and a superior u-value than other products in the market. With such a superior level of performance, you can complete jobs faster, better and move on to the next projects sooner.

We support you to make sure the job is done right the first time. Demilec's trained and approved applicators sign up for our best practice training. Our support teams are ready and available to help guide you however they can to spray more efficiently. Getting you the best results.

Of our certified contractors 100%

Are signed up for Installation Best Practice

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Spray Foam Contractors can purchase products direct from Demilec. As a Demilec approved Contractor, you can rely on unrivalled products and support.

Become an approved contractor

Demilec are eager to help you perfect your spray foam knowledge and practice. With a course split between classroom and practice we look forward to covering everything from troubleshooting to gun cleaning, pump maintenance and safety.

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Easy to apply. Easy to work with. And easy to see why so many contractors choose Demilec spray foam:

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Protection. From every angle.

Your team. Your clients. Our planet. Discover how Demilec spray foam keep all of their interests at heart.

Personal Protection

Your team will need respiratory equipment when they are:

  • Applying the product
  • Working in the same area when the product’s being applied
  • In the application area after the product has been sprayed, usually as they work on trimming foam and clean-up

We recommend a full-face or hood respirator, operated in positive pressure or continuous flow mode. We also recommend:

  • Disposable long-sleeved coveralls with an attached hood
  • Disposable over-boots
  • Fabric gloves coated with nitrile, neoprene, butyl, or PVC

We have full advice on the equipment you need to handle the chemicals.

Product Stewardship

From inception to end-of-life, product stewardship is an integrated business process for identifying, managing and minimising our environmental, health, and safety (EHS) impacts.

Just some of our focus areas include:

  • Product design and development – considering the user, the environment, regulations and much more
  • Supply – for example, vetting suppliers and considering safety labelling
  • Manufacture – including avoiding product contamination and protecting our team members
  • Recycling, reuse or disposal – reducing waste and identifying alternative ways to dispose of the product.

Technical library & resources

Find the information you're looking for, fast - from product data sheets and operator instructions, to equipment guides and warranties.