Meet environmental challenges head-on – with spray foam products that also offer uncompromising performance, design flexibility, and value.

Demilec brings next-generation value and performance to architects looking for superior energy-efficiency and overall performance, across commercial, industrial, and residential projects. All developed from over 30 years’ experience of sealing, insulating and generally making better buildings.

From new-builds to retrofits, reducing heat loss to cutting noise pollution, the answers are here.

Up to 50%

Reduction in heating and cooling costs per year*

Why Spray Foam?

Eco-friendly, innovative and with exceptional energy savings, spray foam offers enduring advantages over fibreglass

From design to reality with spray foam

Our products beat fibreglass insulation in every way. When fibreglass sags, spray foam keeps on performing - which is why we're happy to offer a limited lifetime warranty.

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    Testing & Compliance

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    Environmental Impact

    High levels of recycled and renewable content

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    Quality Assurance

    Manufactured with industry's most stringent requirements 

Improve the insulation in existing buildings

Reduce energy costs, control moisture, and improve indoor air quality and air infiltration using the environmentally friendly Demilec foam. Our efficient to spray insulating foam can significantly lower the ongoing energy costs as well as the installation labour costs. 

  • Single application
  • Adheres to nearly any substrate
  • No cracks, gaps or voids between insulation and framing
  • Zero CFCs, HCFCs, formaldehyde or fibrous materials
  • Network of highly skilled contractors
  • Technical support team

Safeguarding Health

Demilec spray foam not only keeps energy bills low. It also reduces health problems - from noise and radon gas.

Noise Pollution

Air traffic and busy roads are a problem for many businesses and homeowners. Noise pollution causes hypertension and cardiovascular disease, causing an estimated 10,000 deaths annually in Europe.

Demilec open cell foam can reduce sound transmission by up to 50dB, giving residents greater peace and quiet.

As well as offering a fast and effective way to reduce noise, SEALEACTION® 500 also insulates and creates an air barrier.


Radon gas is an invisible killer. In the UK, it causes more deaths than drink driving and accidents at work combined. 

Demilec closed cell foam is resistant to radon gas. Offering perfect air-tightness under the foundation slab. It's also insulating. Applied to at least 32mm, it meets all insulation, air-tightness and vapour barrier requirements. In fact, at 32mm it's 11 times more efficient than 6mm polyethylene membrane. 

The perfect continuity of Demilec closed cell foam seals the foundation wall joint to the foundation, leaving no seams. No sealent, tape or cutting material is required. 


Every Demilec product is developed and created using renewable and recycled materials. In 2019 recycled our 600 millionth plastic bottle.

We minimise the environmental, health, and safety impacts at every stage of a product’s life cycle. To do this, we actively assess our products – from sourcing raw materials, through manufacture and use, to disposal.

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